Create and customize open educational resources to meet your needs and the needs of your learners. 

You can use Open Author to create resources with both instructor and student facing views. This means that instructors can view the resource that is customized for instruction, and students can view the resource that is customized for their learning needs. 

When you create a resource in Open Author, you are able to include overviews and pedagogical supporting text for both instructors and students. The resource can consist of sequenced sections, in which you incorporate a step-by-step approach to instruction and learning. Each section can have associated resources available for download.

To get started, click Add OER at the top of your screen then select Open Author. There are two steps to creating an educational resource in Open Author: Resource Details and Describe.

Note: To create a resource, you must create an account or log in.

Resource Details

Resource Details is where you enter a title, include attachments, and insert step-by-step sections.

1. Enter a title for your resource.
2. Upload an image from your computer or the web to display as the opening image for the resource.
3. Provide a section name for the first section of your resource.

4. Enter Main Content. This is the main content of your lesson or resource, and is viewable by students if you choose to share it with your classroom.

5. Click the Add Section Resource button to upload an attachment or link.

6. Add Instructor Notes. This can be used to annotate the main content or provide further instruction to other educators.

7. Insert new sections as needed.  

Save, and then click the preview button to view how the resource will be presented in Instructor View and Student View once published.

Click Publish to go to the next screen where you will describe your resource before the final publication.


Help others find your resource by choosing the appropriate options in each field.  Clicking inside each field will show you all the options.

1. In the Overview box, provide an overview of the topic.

2. In the Conditions of Use dropdown, select how you would like your work to be used. Each option has a written description to help you understand the difference between the options.  See this article for more information on conditions of use.

3. If desired, add a Preview Image. This is the thumbnail image that will show up in the search results page on the site.

4. Complete the remaining required fields, and non-required fields if applicable. 

5. The last thing before publishing is to acknowledge if you have the right to use and share all images, videos and other content inside this resource with the original creator's consent.

6. Click Publish. Your resource is now searchable and sharable!